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Dublin Shower Pump specialises in the installation, replacement and maintenance of all makes and types of shower and pumps. Working on greater Dublin area, we cover most of areas including BRAY and have over 23 years industry experience.

We are specializing in Installation, Replacement and Maintenance

We are able to diagnose problems, advising on the most cost effective approach. Why pay expensive call out charges? When we are able to supply a manufacturer recommended technician at a lower rate!

Call us now to book a service call in Greater Dublin area and BRAY.

Dublin Shower Pumps offers free quotations for shower and pump repairs. When you complete our quotation request form we will match your requirements with a suitable local agent from our database.

We understand the importance of minimizing shower or pump downtime. Every effort is made to process your enquiry efficiently and conduct repairs with minimum disruption to your lifestyle. Depending on the time of your enquiry and local circumstances, same day quotation and repair is possible.

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Expert Installation, Replacement and Maintenance of Showers and Pumps

Since June 2000, DUBLIN SHOWER PUMP has been providing expert Installation, replacement and maintenance of showers and pumps to homeowners in greater Dublin area and Bray. We’re known as “The People You Want in Your Home” and our distinctive vans can be seen all over Dublin and Bray area. Our technicians are hand-picked to provide you with the best service and installations. These are just a few reasons you should choose Dublin Shower Pumps for your next installation, replacement, repair of your shower or pump.

Here are just a Few Things that Make Dublin Shower Pumps Unique

When you call Dublin Shower Pumps, we’ll work around your schedule to find a time that works best for you. We can provide you with a 2 or 3 hour window, and we always call before coming to your home. If you need to meet us at the house, just let us know how much advance notice you need.

We always quote you an exact price before we do any work. You’ll know exactly how much it will cost to repair your sink, toilet, furnace or anything else we work on—and you can approve or decline the work based on that exact amount.

If you have a problem in greater Dublin area or Bray, call us today. We’ll be out ASAP. And since our vans are filled with just about anything we might need for any repair, we can usually make that repair the same day you call.

Look through our website to learn about Dublin Shower Pump, read reviews from our clients, meet our staff and get the answers to anything else you want to know about Dublin Shower Pumps

Dublin Shower Pumps has been around for over 23years. Our written warranties are always among the longest in the industry, and our commitment to your satisfaction is unlimited. We’ll be here when you need us, and you can count on the same exceptional service experience every time you call. There’s no better choice for Expert Installation, Replacement and Maintenance of Showers and Pumps service in the Greater Dublin Area.